- with Dr Susan Phoenix and Line Lyster from Gratitude Art, 21st of November from 7pm to 9pm in Tikitano.


Susan (Dr of Psychology and author) and Line (Redline company CEO and MD) are trained by Dr Brian Weiss in past life regression. They have also collaborated on many very successful inspirational /motivational workshops in recent years.

Following the recent success of their pioneering workshop to help with loss (from death, divorce or life trauma); Susan and Line have arranged an evening of group regression therapy in the Tikitano Restaurant. The evening has been arranged in response to an overwhelming demand by participants of the recent “A matter of life and death” workshop and previous meditation and energy workshops.


It is never too late to make choices on our life path, by also learning from our past, in this life or previous lives. The ability to empathise with past and present versions of ourselves is the liberating factor that relieves grief, promotes forgiveness, removes fear and raises self-esteem in a profound and loving way.


Places will be limited - book now or telephone 951 712 258 or 600 659 063.